Crushing The Day Podcast

Crushing The Day Podcast

Crushing The Day Is For Motivated And Inspired Individuals Looking For A Daily Dose Of Wisdom That Drives Home The Reminder To... Crush The Day Before It Crushes You.

About The Host:

Drewbie Wilson is a loving husband and father who pushes himself to live in excellence so he can set an example for those around him. At one point in his life, he weighed over 300 lbs before getting focused on his health and losing more than 100 pounds without fad diets or weight loss drugs.


An action taker with his finger on the pulse, who focuses on service to others above all else, leading him to produce more than seven figures in revenues no matter what industry he has worked in. Not one to turn away from a challenge, he looks to get out of his comfort zone as much as possible.


From tech support in a software startup to Vice President of a multi-million dollar consulting company, he understands what it means to start at the bottom and work his way to the top.


A servant first, operating with utmost integrity and humility, but not afraid to tell it like it is.


Confidence and empathy are his superpowers.


By going all-in on every area of life, he strives to inspire success-driven winners to become the most elite version of themselves.


How does he do it?


Living by the motto...


"Crush The Day Before It Crushes You!"

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