Stop Worrying About How And Focus On The Why | CTDP EP. 134


Are you overwhelmed by your goals? 


Figuring out how to get it done or how you’re going to reach your goal and thinking about the things that are on the way that stops you from getting there, is sometimes stressful. Drewbie was not an exception and he figured out the right approach to achieve the goal and he is willing to share the secret.


On this episode of the Crushing The Day Podcast, Drewbie talks about the importance of asking the right question when you set up a big goal and its significance in achieving it. Tune in for an episode that will redirect you towards your goal.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Drewbie explains the deeper sense of asking why than how 
  • How to get clear on your why and then the how you’ll going to get there will happen exactly how it's supposed to happen
  • The importance of the reasons behind setting up your goals in the first place

Favorite Quote:

“When you understand your why. Why are you getting up early? Why are you going to the gym? Why are you grinding so hard at work? Then you’ll have no problem figuring out the how. ” —Drewbie Wilson

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