Programming Our Thoughts | CTDP 559


What you see in your timeline is subconsciously programming, your thoughts and becoming the reals you play in your mind all day long.

What you'll learn on this episode of Crushing the Day:


💥 What you take in visually ultimately will dictate the thoughts that run through your mind. 


💥It makes sense, right? If you turn on the TV or scroll through your phone the moment you wake up, the visuals you see will be on your mind throughout the day. If you self-reflect or journal first thing in the morning, you will set yourself up to be motivated for the day. 


💥What you are focused on during the day is the base for your future. If you observe negative and draining information, chances are you're not going to be positive. But if you wake up, reflect, and go to the gym, chances are you're going to notice growth. 


Favorite Quote: 

"So what kind of content do you wanna see? Who do you wanna become? That's what's gonna make a difference in your life."

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