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Drewbie Wilson Call The Damn Leads Drewbie Wilson Call The Damn Leads

Call the damn leads

Drewbie Wilson Call the Damn Leads Drewbie Wilson Call the Damn Leads

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Why Do we exist?

Hey there, I'm Drewbie Wilson, you can just call me "The Meme Lord." You might be wondering why we're here, and I'm about to spill the beans.

Back in the day, I was knee-deep in the marketing world. My clients? Well, they couldn't stop griping about their leads. "These leads suck, man!" they'd groan, sounding as uninspired as a sloth on a Monday morning. It drove me up the wall. After running the company for six months, I knew we could do way better.

So, I did what any self-respecting entrepreneur would do – I became a hardcore sales guy. I grabbed that phone and CALLED THE DAMN LEADS! "What's up, motherf***ers?" I'd holler, channeling my inner Tony Robbins. "This is Drewbie, and I'm here to serve you at the highest level!"

Surprise, surprise! Those leads weren't half bad. They were just waiting for someone to talk to them with genuine enthusiasm and energy. I made epic breakthroughs, turning leads my team had abandoned into closed deals.

The problem? My team's approach was too stiff, too formal. They needed a dose of my energy, my hardcore sales spirit.

They also needed to pick up the damn phone...

That's when the light bulb went off. I decided to create hats and t-shirts with the mantra "CALL THE DAMN LEADS" emblazoned on them. I wanted to inspire my team, to show them that with the right attitude, anything was possible.

Before I knew it, people from all over the globe were donning those "CALL THE DAMN LEADS" hats and tees. They resonated with the message and the story. It became a symbol of hardcore salesmanship and a zero-excuses attitude.

So, if you're done listening to complaints and ready to take action, snag yourself a "CALL THE DAMN LEADS" hat or tee. Wear it with swagger and remind yourself that success is just a phone call away.

Oh, and don't forget to keep coming back. This page will be filled with sales humor and epic tales of deals gone wild!

Keep Crushing It,
Drewbie "The Meme Lord" Wilson