GET Humble Or BE Humbled | CTDP EP. 141


How often do you see someone make it big and then turn into an ego-driven jerk?

Think about someone like Tiger Woods. He was crushing in every area UNTIL the world humbled him by bringing his shadow into the light. He was not being as humble as we all thought…


Here’s a hard truth: this is going to happen to a lot of people.


If you are listening to this podcast, you want greatness. However, if you do not remember that you are human and acknowledge your darkness, then the universal forces will smack you down. The fall is hard for those who give into their own ego!


Where are you not being humble in your life? Listen to this show and find out about the fine line between confidence and ego.


What You’ll Learn:

  • The RED FLAGS to watch out for after you have a massive success!
  • Why being humble is the secret to the success of great people.
  • How to stay humble even when you have massive success.


Favorite Quote:

“What are the things you are doing in your life where you KNOW you aren’t being as humble as you should be? We all have an ego and it’s part of what makes us successful but there is a FINE line… Make sure your ego does not right a check your ass can’t cash!”
—Drewbie Wilson


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