Busy Or Productive | CTDP 306


How many of us are guilty of checking email, watching Tik-Tok, or youtube when we are supposed to be getting work done instead? It’s too easy to lose focus and allow distractions to keep us busy.


On this episode of “Crushing The Day,” we learn that it’s okay to be busy, as long as whatever we are doing keeps moving us forward! When we spend our time with intention, we become productive in our steps towards success.  

Are you using your time in ways that support the future you dream of having? If you are at the gym and on your phone or visiting more than working out, then you are no closer to the results you are hoping for! Tune in to learn more. 


What You’ll Learn:

  • How everyone’s busy doing something, but not everyone is productive. 
  • Why it’s important to see what actions we are taking towards our goals. 
  • That we all should start being more intentional with our actions if we want to succeed. 

Favorite Quote:

“Be intentional with the way you approach things...that’s how you go from being busy to being productive.” 

—Drewbie Wilson


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