A Dead Battery Powers Nothing | CTDP Ep 32


As an entrepreneur and business owner, it’s easy to experience burnout. As high achievers, we are constantly pushing ourselves to push out as much content as possible as quickly as possible. This spells disaster! We have to recharge our batteries from time to time if we hope for a long-term career. 


On this episode of “Crushing The Day,” we learn that at some point, we absolutely have to take some time to recharge. For you, it looks like hitting the gym, going for a long run, or doing long-distance cycling as Drewbie does. When we take time to recharge, we gain energy not only for ourselves, but it helps to energize those around us. 


What are you doing to make sure your brain still has what it takes to take on every obstacle? If you are in need of that extra energy at this moment, then perhaps now is the time to do some self-care. You need energy and mental willpower if you want to keep moving forward. Tune in to learn more about what it takes to attract more energy into your life and business. 


What You’ll Learn:

  • How “a dead battery can’t power anything.” 
  • Why burnout is real, and why we should have a plan in action to help ourselves to create the energy we need. 
  • That we must take the time to recharge in order to have maximum output in our business and personal life. 

 Favorite Quote:

“A dead battery can’t power anything. Make sure to recharge every once in a while.”

—Drewbie Wilson


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