How To Win By Default | CTDP 342


We’ve all heard the phrase “Fake it until you make it.” This is not great advice for those of us who are becoming our best selves. A lot of us think that as long as we act like we know what we’re doing, then we can skip actually doing the work it takes to succeed. 

On this episode of “Crushing The Day,” Drewbie shares: “Doing the work is a guaranteed way to get the results you are looking for.” We win big when we get dialed in and focused every single day, on doing whatever it takes to reach our goal.

Are you an individual who is constantly planning, scheming, and talking more than you are taking action? If you’ve been taking two steps forward and ten steps back, then perhaps it’s time to start doing the work it takes in order to level up. Real winners are created through consistency. Tune in to learn more. 

What You’ll Learn:

  • How some individuals will act like they are experts at winning when they are not. 
  • Why staying focused on doing the work creates results. 
  • That when we focus on doing the work, we win no matter what. 

Favorite Quote:

“Winning by default will happen when you are doing the work.” 

—Drewbie Wilson



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