Locks Only Need One Key | CTDP 296


Life is overwhelming at times. New situations come up almost daily, and new obstacles and hurdles can feel like too much. Our bodies will go into fight or flight mode as our brains scramble to find a way past each issue.


On this episode of “Crushing The Day,” we are reminded that no matter what we come up against in our lives, there is always a way through! There is a solution to every problem...a key to every lock.


Get creative to unlock your solution! Maybe it means reading ceratin books to gain more knowledge or even asking a specific someone in your life for guidance. What key will unlock your greatness? Tune in to learn more! 


What You’ll Learn:

  • How life is about finding solutions.
  • Why sometimes we have to look for alternative ways to unlock our greatness. 
  • That all we need is the right key to help us be where we want to be. 

Favorite Quote:

“There is always a solution, there is always a way to open up that lock.” 

—Drewbie Wilson


How to get involved

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