EP 728 - Day Crushers: Shane Urowitz

Day Crushers Spotlight: Shane Urowitz

Shane Urowitz is a father, "nice" Canadian, and owner of CannaConnect helping Canadian Veterans. A place for veterans to come hang out where they can heal through canabis, juices, and yoga. They Empowering Military and RCMP Veterans on their journey to wellness.


Highlights from this episode of Day Crushers:

💥 Battling as an entrepreneur. 💥

💥 Helping people through building your business.💥

💥 Showing up and providng the highest level of service. 💥

💥 Being present with our Family. 💥


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Favorite Quote: 

"Meeting the right people at the right time."

"Close off the business when I head home and be present with your family."


Shane's advice for you to Crush Your Day:

"Trust Your Gut!"


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