Don’t Let The Past Fool You | CTDP 323


We all have failures and experiences from the past that we aren’t so proud of. You could be carrying a lot of shame and guilt because of something you did, or someone you felt was hurt because of your decisions in the past.


You have to let it go and move forward. On this episode of “Crushing The Day,” we learn that everything that has happened in the past has only given us more wisdom for how to build a better future. Don’t let your past fool you! You CAN learn from your mistakes and be a winner! 


You are not the mistakes you’ve are a survivor! Whatever it was that you experienced was no easy feat, and you are now capable of doing way more than you ever imagined because you learned from your experience. Tune in to learn more. 


What You’ll Learn:

  • How we’ve all experienced some level of failure throughout our lives.
  • Why the universe puts challenges in our path to better prepare us for the future. 
  • That even with failure, you still come out a winner because of the wisdom and lessons learned from that experience. 

Favorite Quote:

“Whatever your past survived...with that experience and that knowledge you are now capable of more than you ever thought possible.” 

—Drewbie Wilson



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