Be Who You Should Have Been | CTDP 256 


We’ve all made mistakes and have been a version of ourselves that we never wanted to be. We have put ourselves and even our families at times, in situations that weren’t the best due to decisions that we’ve made. 


The great news is, is that if you are listening to this podcast, then you have made the choice to be that better person. You’ve decided to change, to go down the path of self-development, and to make a real impact in the world around you. 


On this episode of “Crushing The Day,” Drewbie reminds us that we will make bad decisions at times, but with that, we also gain the opportunity to take each lesson to turn our lives around. We CAN be who we should have been! Tune in to learn more. 


What You’ll Learn:

  • How we’ve all made decisions that we shouldn’t have.
  • Why putting forth the effort to grow and change is a beautiful thing.  
  • That we should be proud of the fact that we are doing what it takes to be who we should be. 

Favorite Quote:

“Look back on that struggle and remind yourself to be who you should have been when you are not who you want to be.” 

 —Drewbie Wilson


How to get involved

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