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As entrepreneurs, we understand the kind of focus it takes to see a goal through, but sometimes we hyper-focus and forget to stop and appreciate those who’ve always had our backs. It’s so easy to get lost in something we’re working on, and completely ignore the fact that our kids, spouse, and friends are missing us. 

On this episode of “Crushing The Day,” Drewbie reminds us to celebrate those we love and care about the most because if we don’t, we just might lose them. They are the individuals who have supported us from the beginning with zero expectations in return. 

Have you taken the time to connect with and show them just how grateful you are for them? It doesn’t have to be big, any small gesture will do, and is better than nothing at all. Only when we learn to celebrate those who’ve always celebrated us, will we find our true success. Tune in to learn more. 

What You’ll Learn:

  • How tunnel vision can become our greatest enemy. 
  • Why celebrating others is vital if we want to reach ultimate success.
  • That being able to bring a smile to those we love, makes the journey to becoming our most elite selves really worth it. 

 Favorite Quote:

“To create the kind of success that you want in this life, you have to remember to care about them too.” 

 —Drewbie Wilson


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