Choose To Make A Choice | CTDP EP. 137


ENTREPRENEURS: Make a choice! In your life, you have to master the power of making a good decision. We are given the power to choose from the moment that we are born. We choose where we place our energy, our time, and our money!


On this episode of the Crushing The Day Podcast, Drewbie talks about the benefit of making a choice and acting on it instead of wasting time thinking about what’s gonna be the best route. Listen to an episode that will help you understand the impact of analysis paralysis versus making a choice in achieving any goals that you’ve set for yourself.

At the end of the day: an imperfect action is better than a perfect move you spend forever planning and never actioning!

What You’ll Learn:

  • Why spending all your time in "analysis paralysis" will take you nowhere 
  • How making good choices even if you don’t feel comfortable can ultimately be good for your growth
  • How to know how to make good decisions fast


Favorite Quote:

“You are born with the ability to make choices. Don’t turn that blessing into a curse by failing to make good use of it.” —Drewbie Wilson

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