Losers And Champions | CTDP 332


Nobody enjoys feeling like a loser, but if you’ve given up on ideas and dreams that just didn’t come through fast enough for you...then you are a loser! Even when looking into the world of sports, you can see that everyone loses at some point.


On this episode of “Crushing The Day,” Drewbie explains that even if you are a loser at something now, you can turn it around and become a champion instead! It starts in our minds and with the actions we take. Learning from lessons now, allows us to step up when it really matters.


What are you doing today to take action? Are you putting forth enough effort? Are you making the necessary sacrifices, going above and beyond in order to reach your goals? Don’t let a victim mindset drag you down! Tune in to learn more about what it takes to become the champion of your own life!


What You’ll Learn:

  • How taking lessons from loss is how we become champions. 
  • Why your intentions and state of mind are key to success!
  • That Anyone can be a champion when they are willing to do the work and stay focused on doing what it takes to move forward. 

Favorite Quote:

If you've been a loser it just means that you are getting better, you're learning the lessons and you’re on your way to becoming a champion.” 

—Drewbie Wilson



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