Becoming Bothered By Mediocrity | CTDP EP. 143


Are you bothered by mediocrity? When you are leveling up your mindset and business, you become obsessed with mastering the areas of your life that matter the most. 


You might become bothered by people in your life who are STUCK in their old ways.

Have you tried 75 HARD? It involves sticking to a few simple tasks that you’re supposed to do EVERY DAY for 75 days… For many people, it can be a huge challenge to stick to something each and every day!


When you commit to yourself and stick to your word, you become a greater version of yourself over time. You really become aware of the mediocrity around you. It might be time to tighten your circle.


Listen to this episode to learn more!

What You’ll Learn:

  • Why it might be time to have a tough conversation with people in your life...
  • How to study success and grow as a person!
  • Why it is OK to be bothered by mediocrity.


Favorite Quote:

“When you’re leveling up and growing in your mindset, your business, and those relationships at home… What’s gonna start to happen is the people who are NOT growing around you… They’re gonna bother you!”
—Drewbie Wilson


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