Life's Curveballs | CTDP 507


Life comes at you fast. You gotta be ready for the occasional curveball.

What you'll learn on this episode of Crushing the Day:

💥 Without a doubt, life will throw some crazy things your way. Your normal day-to-day can be flipped completely upside down, a whole year can be spent inside, or everything can go as planned. 


💥Be ready for what could come your way. Be proactive and not reactive. It could be as simple as having a service to call if your car breaks down or knowing your business can stay afloat if you don't sign a new client. 

💥Being prepared is something you can do every day and it trains you for those unforeseen circumstances.


Favorite Quote: 

"Get out there, move fast, and be ready for those curveballs"

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