Become Fluent In The Language Of Success | CTDP Ep. 80


We all have a different idea of what success means. For some of us, It means having nice cars, new homes, and a six-figure income. This is not true for all of us. Some of us just want the ability to be there to support our children as they grow. 


On this episode of “Crushing The Day,” we learn that not only do we get to define what success means to us but that we all must learn what it takes to achieve it. Learning the language of success might mean working long nights to stay with a loved one who is sick, or teaching ourselves how to create the income that affords us a new car.


If we are not super clear on exactly what it is we want, how can we learn what it takes to have it? Having a goal that we stay laser-focused on creates the life we want...not vague dreams. Figure out what you desire, speak it into existence and take action on doing what it takes to achieve it. Tune in to learn more. 


What You’ll Learn:

  • How learning the language of success is key to actually succeeding. 
  • Why the vague desire of having money and freedom isn’t enough. 
  • That by getting clear on what we want, we can then do what it takes to learn what’s necessary to achieve it. 

Favorite Quote:

“If you never become fluent in the language of success, you’ll forever be lost in translation.”

—Drewbie Wilson


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