Jealousy When It's Not Needed | CTDP 516


Don't be jealous of what they have when it's not what you really want. 

What you'll learn on this episode of Crushing the Day:


💥 In today's age, we are able to get a glimpse into the lives of hundreds of thousands daily. Social media has become something everyone has and uses. We all post what we want people to see. 


💥The fancy cars, the big homes, and the exclusive vacations often create a desire that may not be even real. It can be hard finding out what the true definition of success looks like.


💥Ultimately, defining success is different for everyone. Some will only become happy and satisfied after buying a mansion on the ocean and some will be happy just to have money in their bank account and food on the table. 


Favorite Quote: 

"Be who you want to be on this planet. Don't be jealous of what they have if it's not what you want." 

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