What Is Success To You? | CTDP EP. 136


So many young entrepreneurs get it confused! They think that money = success but it's actually just one component. What about you? How does income factor into your own self-worth?

Everyone has their own perception about what is to be successful. It can be monetary or it can be building a business that operates in a way where you have the freedom and time to spend with your loved ones. 


On this episode of the Crushing The Day Podcast, Drewbie dives into the different definitions of success. Tune into another awesome episode discussing how changing the way we think about success can lead to massive growth. Make sure you leave a 5-star review and subscribe to the show!

What You’ll Learn:

  • Why you need to be wary about influencers and how they may affect your decision-making processes
  • How to formulate a plan to make your dreams become reality
  • Why it’s important to have clarity about what success means for you and how you will change your life accordingly!


Favorite Quote:

“ It is not just money that makes you successful. It is more about  the impact that you're leaving on the world and the people around you. ” —Drewbie Wilson

How to Get Involved: