Good Leaders Know How To Follow! | CTDP Ep. 146


Do you take your team’s advice? Here’s a common problem amongst entrepreneurs: people like us often fail to allow others to take ownership inside of our companies.

If you want to encourage your team to take more initiative and come up with better ideas, you need to give them more ownership. You need to start actually taking their advice!

On this episode of the Crushing The Day Podcast, Drewbie dives into why you should start taking the advice of the people you’re paying! By implementing some easy changes in your business, you can encourage your team to take more initiative. 


What You’ll Learn:

  • Why it’s so important to take people’s advice when they know more than you!
  • Tips to encourage your team to take more ownership  
  • How you can hold meetings that create avenues for team feedback 


Favorite Quote:

“If you want to lead your team to greatness you gotta be willing to FOLLOW THEIR ADVICE!”

- Drewbie Wilson


How to Get Involved: