Why Me or Try Me | CTDP Ep. 18


It seems as though some of us are always walking around with a cloud of bad luck hanging over our heads. We might spend a lot of time thinking to ourselves: “Why me?” When our thoughts are constantly focused on a victim mentality at every turn, we only create more of these “Why me,” situations over and over again. 


On this episode of “Crushing The Day,” Drewbie shares that instead of always saying “Why me?”, start shouting “Try me!” If we want to begin overcoming the obstacles in our lives, then we have to shift our perspective from a victim mindset to a winner’s mindset! We already have everything inside of us to be that winner, but we have to believe it and speak it in order to create it. 


Have confidence instead of fear. Everyone has problems. We would like to think that our issues are special to only us, but the truth is that everyone has struggles. When you are confident that you can find a solution to any problem and overcome any obstacle, then you will! Show others what the power of belief can truly do! Tune in to learn more. 


What You’ll Learn:

  • How we are in charge of creating our own reality. 
  • Why having confidence is key when facing difficult situations life throws our way. 
  • That we already have what it takes to face every obstacle and to create the life we want instead. 

 Favorite Quote:

“You have to stop asking why me and start shouting try me.”

—Drewbie Wilson


How to get involved

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