Champions Are Made In The Off-Season - CTDP Ep. 37


Micheal Jordan, Koby Bryant, and Tom Brady have all gained massive levels of success. There’s something even more special about these three individuals though…they became the champions when no one was looking. They practiced long hours at home, focused on their game, and put in extra work, and that is what led them to be the example of success for the entire team. 


On this episode of “Crushing The Day,” Drewbie asks us: “What example are you setting for yourself? Are you showing up?” When we are willing to put in the amount of work a superstar puts in, there’s no way we won’t succeed! It means waking up early and staying out a little later in order to get extra sales calls in for the day. 


We have to be willing to do what nobody else is doing. We can’t just show up on game day expecting ultimate success! It takes practice and showing up consistently on a daily basis to reach our goals and become true champions. When we give it our everything we will become our most elite selves. Tune in to learn more. 


What You’ll Learn:


  • How going above and beyond to do the work is what it takes to be a winner. 
  • Why it’s important to set ourselves up for success on a daily basis. 
  • That we have what it takes to be champions. It’s time we showed up like one. 


 Favorite Quote:

“Champions are made in the off-season.”

—Drewbie Wilson



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