Eliminate The Need For Control | CTDP EP. 138


If you’re the kind of individual that constantly feels like you have to be in control of the situation, it’s going to hurt you in the end.


The super successful individuals in life know that they can’t control everything but they’ve mastered their ability to control their reactions. Instead of being affected by their environment, they have become a force of nature.


On this episode of the Crushing The Day Podcast, Drewbie shares the ability of the successful persons that helped them to succeed and how to master it. Listen to an episode that will help you improve your personal development and learn how to apply the information in your life at once. 

What You’ll Learn:

  • Why focusing on controlling your reaction to the things that are outside of your control can truly bring you a winning mindset
  • How the things that you try to control, will control you if you don’t let them go
  • What is the ability of the successful persons that you need to master now

Favorite Quote:

“You have to eliminate your need for control or forever be controlled by it.” —Drewbie Wilson

How to Get Involved: