No Permission Slip Needed   | CTDP 190


Have you ever told someone your dreams and received doubt and hate instead of support and approval? Perhaps this came from a family member or someone you considered a close friend. 


You don’t need a permission slip to be great! On this episode of “Crushing The Day,” Drewbie challenges us to accept that we already have permission to go and achieve greatness.


Don’t let other people’s fear of their own inadequacy pull you down. Forget about them and move on. You’ve got this and now it’s time to do the work! Tune in to learn more.


What You’ll Learn:

  • How we were put on this planet to become the best versions of ourselves.
  • Why you must let go of doubt and believe in yourself.
  • That you don’t need anyone’s approval to do great things!


Favorite Quote:


“You have to believe in have to believe in your greatness. ” 

 —Drewbie Wilson


How to get involved
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