Allow Fear To Be Your Green Light | CTDP Ep 26


Have you ever had an idea that scared the pants off of you? Some of us will get that feeling of fear and not know what to do with it. It blocks many of us from moving forward at all. Fear can block every road to success if we let it!


On this episode of “Crushing The Day,” Drewbie shares that the fear we are feeling is there only because we are uncertain of what the outcome might be if we were to take action on our dreams. This is a good sign! When we allow ourselves to explore our fear of the unknown, we will discover that a wonderful opportunity to succeed is waiting on the other side. 


Is there a path that you’ve been afraid to take due to the butterflies it gives your stomach when you sit and think about it? Maybe that’s your green light to go all-in on putting yourself out there to try something new! Most likely the path that you are afraid to take will lead to your greatest journey ever! Don’t be afraid and tune in to learn more. 


What You’ll Learn:

  • How all of our worries and fears are created within our own minds. 
  • Why potential opportunity lies on the other side of our fears. 
  • That our greatest dreams will be realized when we are finally able to face our fear of the unknown. 

 Favorite Quote:

“Allow fear to be the green light on your road to success.”

—Drewbie Wilson


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