Expect Nothing, Appreciate Everything | CTDP Ep.109


Several of us feel like the world owes us something for merely existing. This could not be further from the truth! Most of us are clueless to just how good we actually have it. There are opportunities that pop up all throughout our lives to make and enjoy the life of our dreams. 


A tough lesson is shared here today on this episode of “Crushing The Day.” To quote Drewbie, he says: “For anyone who feels they can't be where they want to be, they are just not putting in the effort.” This challenges each one of us to wake up and start taking action!


When we expect nothing from the world, we empower ourselves to take action and get results. Once we begin to realize the effort it takes to see our goals achieved, we will better appreciate everything it took to get there. Tune in to learn more. 


What You’ll Learn:

  • How we should “Expect nothing and appreciate everything.” 
  • Why success doesn’t just happen...it’s earned. 
  • That if we don’t have an appreciation for the hard work we’ve put into something...it will never last. 

Favorite Quote:

“When you appreciate the things you have you can expect more great things to continue to show up in your life.” 

—Drewbie Wilson


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