Pleasing Everyone Only Hurts You | CTDP 515


When you focus on pleasing everybody you only end up hurting yourself.

What you'll learn on this episode of Crushing the Day:

💥 Do you find yourself giving too much and focusing on making others happy? While everyone else is enjoying your benefits, you forgot about one person, yourself.


💥When you use your energy towards caring for others more than yourself, it's important to remember, that you cannot please everyone. We all have different wants and needs, so instead of possibly helping someone, choose to help the person you know will appreciate it. You. 


💥Some people just have a mindset of constantly being unsatisfied. So when you try to lend a helping hand and it's rejected, leave it alone. There are so many better ways to use your energy. 


Favorite Quote: 

"Focus on doing what you do best. Serving at the highest level with your skills set, and be okay with letting someone know it's not a good fit to work together."

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