Time Isn’t The Problem | CTDP 361


Time is a topic that really comes into play when trying to become our most elite selves. We are all given the same 24 hours each day, and yet it seems as though some of us have endless amounts of it, while others of us seem to never have enough. It’s not something you can buy, win, or be given more of. 

On this episode of “Crushing The Day,” we learn that we will be more productive when we change how we value the time that we have each day. When we choose to let Netflix take several hours of our time each week, then we will never have the time it takes to achieve our fitness goals. Our priorities are off, and more health issues will be created as time passes. 

We can add more value to our lives when we learn how to prioritize how our time gets used each day. If the family is important to us, then it is also important that we prioritize the time that we spend with them by being present and in the moment. What areas of your life are lacking the results that you seek? Tune in to learn more. 

What You’ll Learn:

  • How our mindset determines how much time we have. 
  • Why changing how we value our time allows us to be more productive. 
  • That what we dial into mentally every single day, determines whether or not we succeed. 

 Favorite Quote:

“It's not how much time you have that is the issue, It's the value that you put on the actions done that you put in that time slot.” 

 —Drewbie Wilson


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