Stop Complaining And Do The Work | CTDP 240


We’ve all got massive goals that we’re working towards, but sometimes it seems like all we’ve done is create a huge amount of work for ourselves instead. It can become overwhelming and we might start complaining about all of the work we have to do.


On this episode of “Crushing The Day,” we learn that working on our goals is not always a fun experience, but the results we want get here much faster when we stop complaining and just do the work.


Showing up every day and sticking to the plan becomes tedious, but that’s what it takes to become the most elite version our ourselves. It’s time that we understand the effort it actually takes to reach our goals...and then do it.  Tune in to learn more.  


What You’ll Learn:

  • Why we need to be real with ourselves about what it means to reach our goals.
  • How doing the work can feel difficult and overwhelming. 
  • That we can block the opportunity to achieve our goals when we complain. 

Favorite Quote:

“Getting up early and going to the gym isn’t fun. Sacrificing time away from family so you can grow your business isn’t always fun. Sometimes these things are necessary.” 

 —Drewbie Wilson


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