Wasted Potential | CTDP 491

You got all that potential and you're still worried about what they're doing, why is that? 
What you'll learn on this episode of Crushing the Day:

💥 Those that you're worried about, that they will be more successful, wealthier, or in better shape than you. It's time you realize, that you can use your energy for much better things. 

💥There is no need for you to be your own worst enemy, focus on yourself and your goals. The time you use towards yourself is worth so much more and will get you to your next level. 

💥Ultimately, if "they" can't help you with the problem you're facing or better yourself, it's best you use your time to focus directly on yourself. 

Favorite Quote: 
"Focus on your potential, focus on you and what you are going to do, and the impact you're going to make"
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