Never Feel Guilty About Your Greatness | CTDP Ep. 91


As we go down the path to success, we will discover that some individuals in our circle shame us for wanting more out of life. Perhaps you’ve experienced how this feels: you share your hopes and dreams with family and friends, only to get shot down and told to be happy with what you already have.


On this episode of “Crushing The Day,” we are told to NEVER feel guilty for wanting more success, and for wanting to become who we were meant to be on this planet. AND...the very moment that we let others make us feel bad about it is the moment we give our power away. 


Each of us is in control of our own destiny. It’s up to us whether or not we succeed. We create our own realities. The only reason others will try and pull us down is that they know that they don’t have what it takes to do what we are doing. Tune in to learn more. 


What You’ll Learn:

  • How others will shame us for wanting more. 
  • Why becoming the most elite version of ourselves is within our control, and why we should never let anyone take that from us. 
  • That: “There is nothing wrong with the desire to be great.”

Favorite Quote:

“You have the power, you have the decision-making skill, You have the choice to be great. So don’t ever let anyone make you feel guilty about that.”

—Drewbie Wilson


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