The Why And The What Of Change | CTDP 530


Today I want you to remind yourself why the change was necessary and what is better in your life because of it.

What you'll learn on this episode of Crushing the Day:


💥 This journey of personal development is all about change. It's a pit stop or checkpoint for you to turn your life into what you've been dreaming of. 


💥Embrace the change. It's a fantastic opportunity but with all this change and drives towards success, it's important to remember where you were and where you are now. 


💥Too much change can be a bad thing if you're not recognizing it. And it's not putting you on the path to where you should be with what you want out of life. Take a step back, appreciate the scenery, and continue on your right path.


Favorite Quote: 

"Because if it's moving you in the right direction, I'm here to support it. But if it's pointing you on the right path, That's no good."

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