Education Or Wisdom | CTDP 166


Go to college, get your degree, walk into a great-paying job. That used to be the golden standard for most businesses. Today, having hands-on experience is often preferred over just having had the education!


It’s easy for entrepreneurs to get stuck learning a skillset but never feeling educated enough to take the actions that would lead to their success. Reading will provide you an education, but real-world experience is what creates the wisdom that moves you forward!


If you feel like you can relate, then tune in to this episode of “Crushing The Day”, and learn what it takes to become the most elite version of yourself! 


What You’ll Learn:

  • Why when we act on what we’ve learned, we get results. 
  • How we discover what it takes to reach our goals by having had experiences. 
  • That lessons turn into the wisdom which leads to our ultimate success. 


Favorite Quote:


“In order to be successful, you have to take action!”

—Drewbie Wilson

How to get involved
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