If They're Winning, So Are You | CTDP 503


If the people around you are winning, then so are you, because who you surround yourself with is ultimately who you become in life.

What you'll learn on this episode of Crushing the Day:


💥 Winners attract winners. Just like all other relationships, everyone wants to be around others that want and like the same thing as them. 


💥 Recognize that success and winning is perspective. It's how you see all the aspects of your life, yourself, your life, and those around you, that leads you to find your true idea of success. 


💥When you start looking at your life as how can you spread success and growth to others, you'll find those around you will start to win and strive towards greatness as well yourself. 



Favorite Quote: 

"The easiest way to create your success is to create success for the people around you."

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