The Weight Of It All | CTDP 558


The weight of the world is only as heavy as you perceive it to be.

What you'll learn on this episode of Crushing the Day:


💥 You are so much stronger than what you believe. We all go through hardships with relationships, careers, or ourselves and we often carry it around.


💥 What we don't realize in the moment is that while we are carrying this weight, we will ultimately come out the other side stronger. 


💥When you push yourself through the struggles and pressures of the world, you will grow. Your emotional muscles will get stronger and push you towards your goals.  


Favorite Quote: 

"Everyone feels that weight of the world on their shoulders, but the difference is to folks, they go out and they reuse that strength. They realize how strong they are internal because of everything they've been through to this moment."

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