To Become Is To Give | CTDP 534


To become who you're supposed to be. You have to give up who you were. And that's okay.

What you'll learn on this episode of Crushing the Day:


💥 During your journey, there will be periods of time that feel strange or off. Often times, this is because of your transition of change. 


💥Right? You were this individual who wasn't disciplined, who didn't put in the extra effort, who looked for the shortcuts in. And now that you've changed into someone that works a schedule, lives everyday to the fullest, and thrives through struggles. 


💥It's almost like a period of mourning because you have to give up who you were, who you used to identify as. In order to become the individual who you are meant to be.


Favorite Quote: 

"On the other side is all of that greatness of all of that celebration of the things you took from who you were."

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