Do Not Lower Your Expectations | CTDP 462

Never lower your expectations to satisfy someone else's work ethic.
What you'll learn on this episode of Crushing the Day:

💥 So within your life, there are people you're going to cross paths with. There are going to be these amazing people you encounter, and then there are those, that just don't meet your expectations. 

💥When it comes to working with someone that does not strive towards the same professional goals as you or lacks motivation, ultimately, it's not your fault. 

💥If you gave them the tools and resources to perform correctly and they just aren't cutting it, take today to think. Is it time that you have that talk with them or are you going to keep lowering your expectations?  

Favorite Quote: 
"Let's make a concentrated effort to keep our expectations high, and motivate the people that need that extra work ethic to get the job done."
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