Are You A Dog Chasing Your Own Tail? | CTDP EP. 140


Time to eliminate the busy work! Are you clear on what tasks need to be done every day to move the needle forward? What gets tracked gets managed! It is time to dial down on what you know you need to do in order to become the most elite version of yourself.


Are you a dog chasing your own tail? Instead of staying in a hamster wheel of doing the same tedious things every day, it is time to become an elite performer who treats every area of their life like they are a professional athlete.


Think about what you are doing at work: are you calling leads or just sending emails and hoping someone will respond?

Time to do ONLY what moves the needle forward! Listen to this episode for more info on how to avoid busiwork.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to get clear on the goals you have set for yourself.
  • How to be the most elite version of yourself by avoiding busy work!
  • Why it is essential to do the WORK and not get lost on shiny object syndrome.


Favorite Quote:

“Get clear on what tasks need to be done every single day to move the needle forward!... There is SOMETHING you are doing that is just busy work and it keeps you from doing what you KNOW you need to be doing to become the most elite version of yourself… Do you want to be chasing your tail and running in circles or do you want to have a specific and focused mission that you are moving towards every single day!” —Drewbie Wilson

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