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Call The Damn Leads


"By sales professionals, for sales professionals - Tales of your wildest sales stories and tactics to succeed in your sales career across various industries."

Join Drewbie Wilson, a sales veteran with over 20 years of experience, as he brings you insider stories, humor, and actionable strategies to excel in your sales journey. Sales professionals, entrepreneurs, and small business owners striving to enhance their sales, marketing, and personal growth to achieve financial success and time freedom.

Wild Sales Stories: Engaging tales of real-life sales adventures.
Proven Tactics: Actionable strategies to boost your sales game.
Humor: A fun and energetic perspective on the world of sales.
Expert Insights: Learn from seasoned professionals in various industries.

Podcast Format: Your Host, Drewbie Wilson: With over $15 million in online sales, Drewbie's vast experience spans multiple industries. His journey from a 300-pound weight loss to becoming a sales powerhouse has shaped his perspective on life and success.

Get Ready to Crush It in Sales! Ready to dive into the world of sales like never before?

Join Drewbie Wilson and his incredible lineup of guests on "Call The Damn Leads." Don't miss out on the insights, humor, and strategies that can take your sales career to new heights.

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Episode 1 - The Origin Story

January 01, 2024