Maintaining High-Level Consistency While Keeping the Pressure Low with Ryan Mason - Episode 19

What’s up everybody, it’s your boy Drewbie, and I’m so excited for you to hear my guest, my friend, and fellow “Meme Lord,” Ryan Mason on today’s episode.  Ryan shares his craziest tale from the car sales industry and it’s definitely going to give you a laugh, but it's not all fun and games; we also dish out some real talk on why staying true in sales is not just good karma, it's good business.


You might think dealing with a relentless stream of leads can be downright draining, but we're here to tell you it's about the connection, not just the commission. Ryan and I discuss how embracing authenticity, even when the pressure's on to sell, sell, sell, can actually work wonders for your career.


Wrapping up, we circle back to the heart of sales success: consistency. We also touch on the importance of having a rock-solid follow-up system and why it's crucial to pick the right clients to avoid the tailspin of lost opportunities.  And a little reminder…be authentic, keep showing up, and as always, Call the Damn Leads!


 Key Moments:


-How many people can you get in front of?  That’s the key!


-What do memes have to do with Ryan’s sales process?


-High-pressure sales and selling people on things they don’t need isn’t how to keep people coming back.


-Create consistency, be authentic, and keep showing up!






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