Never Say More Than You Need to in Sales with Bill Baker - Episode 20 -


Hey hey, welcome back everybody to another brand new episode of Call the Damn Leads, I’m your boy, Drewbie and I’m so excited for you guys today because my buddy Bill Baker, the king of kitchen and bathroom remodel sales is here, in the flesh, to share his journey.


He's a true testament to the power of being real especially since he was an introverted tradesman turned dynamic entrepreneur. His journey from manual labor to the master of sales not only skyrocketed his business to multi-million dollar success but also inspired his book, "Rebel With a Cause".


Sometimes admitting you don't know something can win you more trust than pretending you do. That's one of the golden nuggets Bill and I discuss as we unravel what it takes to make a sales strategy stick. It's all about relatability and throwing in a bit of healthy competition and collaboration. We chat about the surprises that come with bonding over something in common with prospects, navigating the controversial subject of sharing referrals in the trades and sales, and protecting your turf when the going gets tough.


Learn the art of never saying more than you need to in an effort to remain “the big guy” on the field.


Key Moments:


-Bill’s journey to where he is today including a crazy sales story involving a large amount of money in very small bills.


-Be likable, be real, just be a nice guy.


-There’s nothing wrong with swapping referrals, but always be aware of who you’re talking to and never say more than you need to.


-Define your purpose.  What is it that you really want??




Connect with Bill:


Bill is a 3rd generation carpenter whose lifelong passion was to be an entrepreneur just like his grandparents who owned an interior design and remodeling business. Over the years Bill has gained enough knowledge and relentless determination to successfully start and operate his own remodeling company.  


Almost 8 years later, Bill has done over 15 million dollars in total revenue.  He was a founding partner of a flooring business that he has since exited to solely acquire a successful granite countertop business that works in tandem with his remodeling company that now does multi-million dollars in sales a year.


Bill is the Owner of Relentless Kitchen & Bath Surface Solutions Cabinets & Countertops. 


Website and Social Media Links:


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Grab a copy of Bill’s book, Rebel with a Cause: How Defining My Purpose Changed My Life



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