Episode 17 - The Ultimate Not-So-Secret Sales Weapons with Matt Van Buren


What’s up and welcome back to Call the Damn Leads, the show by sales professionals, for sales professionals.  Today, I’ve got my friend, owner of MVB Luxury, Mr. Matt Van Buren. We’re kicking things off with an absolute wild sales story involving guns, cops, and handcuffs.  Not all necessarily in that order either.  I’m talking a full-blown hostage situation, reminding us all that the unpredictable nature of sales can sometimes, well, get a little dangerous.

But it's not all close calls and drama; there's a lesson in every challenge. We focus on the value of mentorship, the strategy of success replication, and the relentless determination required to excel. This tale isn't just mine; it's an invitation to all the sales warriors out there to join in and share their own incredible stories. Now, go Call the Damn Leads!

Key Moments:

-Matt’s beyond-crazy sales story from when a deal heads south in Alabama.

-Why Matt HAD to make sales work.

-The actual secret weapon in sales?  Consistency.

-Don’t ever quit.

-You can be coachable even if you have a “don’t tell me what to do” mentality.


 Connect with Matt:

I spent most of my adult life competing in mixed martial arts. After a run in Bellator, The Ultimate Fighter reality show and the UFC, I was forced to turn the page on my fight career after running into a string of injuries. I got started in high commission sales as I had no other options. As I started having success in life insurance, I started the luxury watch market and started putting my commissions into high end timepieces to resale for profit. I currently have a watch business called MVB Luxury and am focused on medicare sales and building my agency. 


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If you're looking for a new watch, MVB Luxury is your go to specializing in gaining access to watches that are extremely difficult to get.


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