Episode 29 - It’s Time to Get Delusional in Your Sales Strategy with Jacob Hagerman

 Welcome back you guys, I’m your boy Drewbie and you guessed it, I’m back with another amazing episode, this time featuring my friend, Jacob Hagerman AKA the "real young closer." He’s sharing his journey from a challenging upbringing to becoming a successful sales professional in the automotive industry. Jacob's story begins with financial hardships that forced him to drop out of college and pivot to a career in car sales at the age of 18. He recounts his experience with Andy Elliott and the importance of maintaining a delusional mindset for achieving success. We also approach how connecting with industry leaders has propelled his career forward and explore the power of overcoming fears and the value of a continuous learning mindset.

Jacob shares his experiences with public speaking and the importance of surrounding oneself with a supportive community for exponential growth. We also talk about the necessity of embracing a "white belt mentality," showing up intentionally, and learning from experienced peers, in business and life. Don't miss this packed episode filled with real-life stories and valuable lessons for sales professionals at any stage of their career.

 Key Moments:

-Jacob’s unexpected journey to sales.

-Spoiler alert: Jacob had NO idea what he was doing!

-You’ll never know if you don’t ask.

-The world is your library…learn and listen.

-It’s our duty to pass on the knowledge we’ve gained throughout our own life experiences.


 TRANSCRIPT: Call The Damn Leads Podcast with Jacob Hagerman

Drewbie Wilson (00:02:15):
Yo, what's up everybody? Welcome to Call the Damn Leads, the show by sales professionals for sales professionals. I'm your host, Drewbie Wilson. With more than two decades in sales, I've seen it all, lived it all, and now I'm bringing this show to you, my friends and family in the sales community. We're talking about all the crazy sales stories and bringing a little tactic to the back end to make sure anyone in sales continues to learn and grow. Sales is the greatest industry in the world; it gives you the opportunity to create the life you desire. Today's guest is a great example of that. I had the pleasure of meeting him just over a year ago and in person for the first time about a month ago. His story really hit close to home. I'm excited to have the real young closer in the house, my friend, Mr. Jacob Hagerman. What's up, bro?

Jacob Hagerman (01:22:27):
What's up, man? Thank you for having me on. Let's get it, baby. This is what we live for.

Drewbie Wilson (01:29:10):
Come on, baby! That's why I love you. You're a go-getter with a hustle mentality, always about serving and being there for your people. How did you get started in sales?

Jacob Hagerman (01:48:57):
I was raised poor and moved from Indiana to Arkansas after a crazy deal. All I wanted to do was get out of high school, go to college, and become a lawyer. I was supposed to go to the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, but four weeks before checking into the dorms, my mom called me saying she couldn't pay the mortgage. So, I unenrolled from college, got on Indeed, and found a sales job. I knew sales guys made quick money, and that's how I stumbled into the car business at 18. I made my first commission check, and it was a wrap.

Drewbie Wilson (02:46:73):
Knowing you personally, I know there's going to be a book about your story. Let's hear a crazy sales story.

Jacob Hagerman (03:39:36):
At the beginning of this year, Andy Elliott, who I work for, was firing us up in a sales meeting, telling us to get delusional and make big asks. I had never traveled the country for in-store trainings. We had just returned from Brian Benstock's dealership, the number one Honda Acura dealer in the world. Me and Big Ray, who’s 6'6" and 300 pounds, decided to get delusional and FaceTimed Benstock on Instagram, calling him four times back to back. We eventually got through to his variable ops director, Marat, who asked us to come down for three days of training. We had never done this before and were nervous, but we killed it. Benstock said it was one of the most hands-on trainings he'd ever been a part of. We went back five more times after that.

Drewbie Wilson (05:35:68):
Come on.

Jacob Hagerman (06:00:79):
We landed, and despite our nerves, we killed it. Benstock praised our training. Marat even said, "If a couple of my guys don't quit when you get done, you'll never come back." I lined up the entire room, rattled them with objections, and by the end, everyone realized they had something to learn. It was a scary but valuable experience.

Drewbie Wilson (07:15:77):
Sometimes you just have to get thrown into the fire. In my sales journey, I've had similar experiences. I remember being 19, covered in tattoos, selling insurance, and being asked to speak to a conference of seasoned agents. I also had no idea what I was doing but went for it. Your story shows the power of mindset, especially in sales.

Jacob Hagerman (10:22:45):
Absolutely. You don’t know what's out there until you ask for it. Dealerships pay 25-30 grand for me and Ryan to spend two days with them. At 22, that’s crazy. From January to May, I spent only 18 days in Arizona; the rest was in airports, hotels, and conference rooms. Once you dive in, you get better. I was terrified of public speaking, but you overcome those fears by pushing yourself.

Drewbie Wilson (11:27:92):
That's powerful. When you're new in sales or trying a new product, it can be scary. But the key is to ask for what you want. If you don’t, you’ll never get it.

Jacob Hagerman (11:57:41):
Exactly. I learned to overcome my fears and realized that if you don’t ask, you’ll die with regret. That’s why graveyards are the richest places in the world.

Drewbie Wilson (12:05:19):

Jacob Hagerman (12:05:65):
When you get the right advice and act on it, you can achieve so much. It’s about learning and passing it on. If we all shared our knowledge, we’d all be better off.

Drewbie Wilson (13:08:64):
Exactly. Showing up with a white belt mentality, always ready to learn, is key. No matter how much you know, there's always more to learn. Sales and business are not the only metrics; you can learn from anyone, in any area of life.

Jacob Hagerman (14:47:06):
When I started in car sales, I didn’t listen to advice from seasoned pros. I burned bridges and had to learn the hard way. Now, I keep an open mind and learn from everyone. Winning is hard enough; don’t make it harder with ego and entitlement. Always be learning.

Drewbie Wilson (15:45:99):
Death and taxes, baby. Only two guarantees in life. It’s your duty to go out there and get what you want.

Jacob Hagerman (16:12:80):
Exactly. I want to set my future kids up for success. New information allows for new actions, which become habits. If I can make life about others, I’ll live a fulfilled life.

Drewbie Wilson (16:45:99):
You're bringing the heat today, Jacob. I'm grateful you took the time to share with us. You have a podcast, right? Where can listeners find more of you?

Jacob Hagerman (21:33:58):
Yes, it's the Young Closers Podcast. You can find it on Spotify, Apple, and other platforms. On Instagram, I'm @therealyoungcloser, and on Facebook, I'm Jacob Hagerman. Feel free to shoot me a DM.

Drewbie Wilson (21:59:76):
Awesome. We'll put all that in the show notes. I've got one last question for the newbies in sales. If you could give them one piece of advice, what would it be?

Jacob Hagerman (22:42:25):
When your skillset doesn’t allow for a certain income, compensate with work ethic. Your skill will improve through repetition, but don’t let off the gas when it does. Show up to win and be the top person. It’s your duty to give the best version of yourself.

Drewbie Wilson (24:18:55):
That’s powerful. If you have the drive, it’s your duty to go out and get it. Jacob, you exemplify that. I’m excited for your future book and podcast. Hit me up for help with your book anytime.

Jacob Hagerman (24:41:51):
Thank you, bro. I'll definitely need your help with that.

Drewbie Wilson (25:02:57):
Hit the Batphone. My next book is dropping soon. Call the Damn Leads will be on an Amazon bookshelf near you. Check out Jacob’s podcast and show him some love.

Jacob Hagerman (25:23:94):
I appreciate it.

Drewbie Wilson (25:29:35):
If you enjoyed this episode, hit subscribe, share it with your friends, and tag us on social media @callthedamnleads. We're a community here to help each other grow. If you have a story, go to callthedamnleads.com/podcast and send me your information. We’d love to have you on the show. We'll see you on the next one. Later y'all.

Jacob Hagerman (27:14:77):

Connect with Jacob:

Jacob is a 23-year-old entrepreneur/sales coach for Andy Elliott and the Elliott group. He was been with the company for 4 years and one of the first members to join Andy’s movement to evolve the modern-day sales professional and business. Jacob's goal is to continue to live by the standards of the company and show by example what happens in life when you fully commit to the dreams and goals that you set out for yourself. 

The Elliott Group

Social Media and Links: 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/therealyoungcloser/



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