Episode 14 - Creating Strategy to Elevate Your Sales Game with Randy Goldbaum


Hey hey everybody, it’s your boy Drewbie again, back with another awesome guest and sales professional.  This time, I’ve got my man Randy Goldbaum, Vice President of Egress Pros, to dive into his sales strategies to help you up your own game in sales.

Randy begins by recounting a pivotal story where tenacity transformed a staunch rejection into a decades-long partnership. This chat is packed with insights on strategic planning, the finesse of pre-call preparation, and the subtle art of listening—key skills every salesperson needs to master.

For those new to the sales scene, we offer practical advice on how to approach prospects effectively and the crucial role of asking pointed questions to reveal customer pain points and keep the conversation moving forward.

We also tackle the dynamics of managing a sales team, spotlighting how healthy competition can spur success without tipping into toxicity. Balancing work with family life, overcoming common sales objections, and navigating pitches when not all decision-makers are present are also on the table.

As we wrap up, don't miss our exploration of the indispensable value of networking and how to leverage your sphere of influence, along with the reminder that the power to communicate your product's value starts with truly understanding it yourself.

Key Moments:

-The biggest lesson Randy learned from his crazy sales story.

-The importance of listening more than you speak.

-Practice, practice, practice!

-How healthy competition can be a real motivator on a sales team.

-Always be asking for the sale and Randy’s advice for those new to sales.



Drewbie Wilson (00:02.108) Hey, what's up everybody? Welcome back to call the damn leads the show by sales professionals for sales professionals I'm your host Drewbie Wilson with 20 years in the game. I've been through it, heard about it, seen a lot of it now I'm bringing it to you my favorite people on the planet the sales community Let's be honest sales is the greatest job in the world It literally gives us the opportunity to build any life that we want if we're willing to do the work and call the damn leads.

Now today's guest I'm very very excited to have on. He is the first of what I hope to be many who have taken me up on the offer by going over to the website, filling out the form and saying, hey man, I've got some stories to tell. Let's get on and chat. So I'd like to welcome the one of the owners of egress pros out of Long Island, my friend, Mr. Randy Goldbaum. What's up, brother?

Randy Goldbaum (00:53.329) Hey man, thank you so much for having me and I gotta tell ya, I love it. Call the damn leads, I love it man. Excited to be here.

Drewbie Wilson (01:01.628) I appreciate that. It's one of those things that I knew when I started this brand, it would get in front of people who just get it, who are like, man, that's the game. I totally understand. This is how you create success, especially for all those new business owners out there. So Randy, I want to jump right in, man. Tell me a crazy ass sales story from your journey in the game.

Randy Goldbaum (01:21.785) So the story I'm going to tell you is my very first time on the road, I was 20 something years old, I'm not going to tell you how long ago that was, and I was working for a major specialty confectionary company. And when I was working in customer service and I was begging, I was like a caged tiger, let me go into the field, let me make something happen. And I was given a target list of accounts that they were unable to convert.

Drewbie Wilson (01:29.372) Hahaha

Randy Goldbaum (01:50.617) For whatever reason, they gave up, the sales team gave up. I went into the field, one of the first stores I went to was a store on Long Island called Ralph Rotten, and they served all kinds of bulk treats, and they were a very large user for a mom-and-pop store. I walked into the store, I met with the owner, cold-called him, he sat with me, I went through my whole spiel, but I took an angle. He was very, the notes, handwritten notes at the time said he was very loyal to his present distributor and what I did is I went in there wearing my manufacturer hat. That was my strategy. I'm going to talk about things that we do that are different from the everyday products he's buying from his distributor. That should open the gate for me. So as I told you, I was in my 20s. I went through a great sales presentation in my opinion and he listened to everything and he said to me, looked me right in the eyes, his name is Shelly Stiles.

He says, now, what I'd like you to do is go outside, take your earring out, and come back in. I go, you kidding me? He goes, come back in and re-present. I went outside, I took my earring out, did my hair, walked back in, re-presented the whole entire presentation I had already done. Fast forward, we were doing business together for over 20 years. I did millions of dollars with him, and the lesson I learned, the lesson I learned from that is,

Drewbie Wilson (03:04.956) No.

Randy Goldbaum (03:16.601) You can't give up. You gotta fight for it to get in front of people. And you have to have a strategy, pre-call planning I call it, prior to going in.

Drewbie Wilson (03:28.092) I love pre-qualifying business. That's one of my favorite things to talk about because so many individuals get into business and just say, well, yeah, man, anyone and everyone that's got a credit card and a pulse should be buying from me. Like I've got a product that they've got a need come and get it from me. That's not the case at all. I promise you that will lead you to nothing but stress, headaches, and probably a heart attack. If you try to live that life for too long, you do not need to do business with everyone. However, I do love the importance of being willing to stay resilient and just stay at it. And the idea that you could be rejected in that way and how you had a decision to make, right? Hey, I can get offended and I can call this guy an asshole and say, man, I'm not representing what I just like. You heard me, Don, what do you want? No, hell no. You were like, okay, sir. If that's the way I'd like, okay, let me do this again.

Randy Goldbaum (04:22.649) I gotta tell you, I gotta tell you, Drewbie, it's the last time I wore a earring in the field. And it really taught me a major lesson and the value, and you just said the value of pre-call planning. You know, one thing I always say to my sales team is you have two ears, one mouth. Listen twice as much as you talk, because the customers will give you the information you need to create that strategy.

You know, what is that pain point that you're looking to solve? What is your solution for that pain point? Listen more than you talk.

Drewbie Wilson (05:00.572) That's so good. And one of the easiest ways that a new sales professional can do that, let's just share a little value with them while we're here, is instead of talking at the person, start asking more questions. And every time they answer your question, simply reframe it with the next question that's leading them to the thing that you need them to talk about. That is the easiest way to just shut your mouth is just ask questions. Because after you've asked it, you have to shut up and listen. There's like nothing else to be said.

Randy Goldbaum (05:29.047) You'll laugh, I tell all my salespeople, I married 27 years and I can still remember being single. And one of the things I learned back then was if you met a nice girl at the bar, the best thing I could do is listen and not talk. If I spoke too much, I was gonna blow my chances. And people wanna do business with people like them. They wanna do business with someone similar.

Drewbie Wilson (05:45.084) hahahaha

Drewbie Wilson (05:54.618) Mm.

Randy Goldbaum (05:56.569) So, you know, in taking it into that aspect, if they were, if they said, hey, the guy I'm dating never listens to me, I was the best listener in the world. Again, but that translates right over to sales. I believe it translates right over.

Drewbie Wilson (06:14.3) 100%. Well, you said it yourself. It's if you shut up and listen, they will tell you everything you need to know in order to help them solve the problem that they already know they have. You're not there for no reason unless you just cold call. But even then, if you're like in the door, you're there because there's holes in the roof or there's, you know, like they need a new egress and you can clearly see that because there's nothing on the house. So it's like an obvious need for them, especially if it's going to bring them up to code, right? You have a reason for being there.

You simply just have to remind them like you have a problem. I'm here to help you solve that problem if this is the time for you to do so. And that's the cool thing about sales is like if you just start letting them know and make them aware first, awareness is where it gets started. Because some people don't even know they have a problem until you talk to them and ask questions that get them thinking, well, shit, I never thought about that. That's a great point.

Randy Goldbaum (06:50.965) Agreed.

Randy Goldbaum (07:05.273) Right. And our product especially falls right under that. Many people don't even know that egress is an option. They didn't know that they have it very easily in one day. They can have a second means of exit from that basement. And so part of my job is education. But yes.

Drewbie Wilson (07:23.292) Randy, I've owned three houses in my life. I don't know shit. I didn't know, I have like an egress. What is that on a roof? Like, what do you mean, dog? So this is the things that you don't know what you don't know. And so it's so cool to be someone like that who educates. So what, like, this is one of the things I'd love to ask when it comes to sales, what would you say is your superpower and how do you train that to your guys?

Randy Goldbaum (07:32.887) You don't know what you don't know.

Randy Goldbaum (07:47.225) So that's great, that's a great question. And I'm gonna tell you, my superpower, my strategy, my strategy, again, is always that pre-call preparedness. If you pre-call prepare, you'll stand in front of that buyer and there's nothing you can't do. So I've learned that there's four types of buyers, in my opinion. There is the analytical buyer, there's a direct buyer, there's an outgoing buyer, and a kind buyer. So if you can...

be a chameleon and take on that personality of those kind of buyers and you've pre-call planning, you're sticking to your strategy, that's a secret weapon. They're gonna walk right into line of what you're trying to accomplish. But I think the first thing is to recognize what problem you're there and what solution you have for it. What kind of buyer is it? And are you prepared to answer those questions? Preparation is everything. You know, you know,

Drewbie Wilson (08:26.97) Mmm.

Drewbie Wilson (08:43.484) Oh man that's so good.

Randy Goldbaum (08:46.809) Every sports team that I've ever watched practices every day, right? NFL, you practice Monday through Thursday. Friday's a walkthrough. Saturday you're off. Sunday you play the game. With my sales team, we role play on a continued basis. We learn from each other, but we're practicing. Practice, practice, practice. Not enough people practice.

Drewbie Wilson (09:10.3) Yeah, not enough people roleplay because it's such an awkward thing to do. Especially when you're roleplaying with other sales guys, because they, I mean, let's be honest, we're assholes. So sometimes we're like, we're trying to be like the most obnoxious objections on the planet. And this is why it's so important. Because when you're in the moment, you're probably never going to get that outrageous of an objection. So when you answer the normal stuff, it just flows like, don't even have to think about it. That is so.

Randy Goldbaum (09:37.461) Agreed, agreed, practice, you're right. And I tell you, the way we've done it, I learned this through a meeting with different sales executives and so forth. The way we do it, one person in our group will play the customer, one person will play the salesperson, and one person is just an observer. That observer doesn't say a word. And then we rotate, okay? And then we all sit down and review, because now we've all been through.

Drewbie Wilson (09:39.932) So good.

Drewbie Wilson (09:59.898) Mm-hmm.

Randy Goldbaum (10:07.257) that same scenario, we're all in a place that we can give you what we thought you did great, where you think you can improve, and at the same time, you're learning from each other. You know, the salespeople don't always share their successes with each other so that we can all be successful.

Drewbie Wilson (10:25.596) You know what I really love about that methodology though is that like it just came to me in this realization, which is what's going to be cool about how I explained this is that in that scenario, you have three guys, all three of them run through each of these positions. And then on the end of it, you come together for review. And what's going to happen in that time is that the guys, as they go, like maybe they start as the customer and then they go to the sales guy and then they observe by the time they're sitting in that observer seat.

they're starting to realize all the things that they could have improved upon or that they could have done differently. So now they go into the review feeling like, well, they're not just criticizing me. I realized that I could have done this better. So this is my awareness now. And so they're empowered by it versus feeling like, man, they're just fucking, every time I get in, they just talk shit about me because they, man, no, you're now learning on your own.

Randy Goldbaum (11:13.881) Right? But you said something, Drewbie, what you said is true. Nobody wants a role play. Nobody wants to sit in front of each other and role play. But doing it this way, what I have found, sometimes the guy who went first and now, I want to go again. And when he's the observer, let me go again. I can do it better, you know? So it becomes like a self-fulfilling, I don't want to call it competition, but it's a healthy competition.

Drewbie Wilson (11:20.252) Mm-hmm.

Drewbie Wilson (11:29.628) hahahaha

Drewbie Wilson (11:38.748) You know what, that's a great topic though. Let's get into that because healthy competition in a sales team is so, so valuable. And also it can become the toxic end of an organization. So what are you doing? Like, first of all, how big is your sales team, Randy?

Randy Goldbaum (11:50.263) Mm-hmm.

Randy Goldbaum (11:54.585) So our sales team with three reps in the field every day. If they're in here, something's wrong. And then I have two people making outbound phones, phone calls.

Drewbie Wilson (12:03.676) Fantastic. Okay. So that's a, that's a pretty good size team for us, you know, small to medium size business. What are you doing or how do you, how do you like to implement that friendly competition and keep it from crossing that line of like toxicity?

Randy Goldbaum (12:20.249) And that's very important. So we've done a couple of different things. Number one, with every sales rep, we track the number of installs that they've successfully sold. And we have the thousand well club, we have the 500 well club, and they get trophies, like a plaque. And they strive to be on that wall, which is very important. And then what we do with that information, we convert it into a bio about the rep, and that rep will...

Drewbie Wilson (12:39.812) Mmm.

Randy Goldbaum (12:49.849) When they leave your house, if they don't sign you, they will leave a bio about themselves, which is a quick one-liner, but maybe 10 or 15 real customer five-star reviews or four-star reviews. And if they're following all those steps, their success rate of closing a deal is very high. We also, something we also do, and we do it at the end of the year. Every year we create a slush fund.

Drewbie Wilson (13:01.564) Mmm.

Randy Goldbaum (13:17.721) and we give the winner of the, whoever sold the most and it's sold the most at the highest GP. Okay. We want to maintain our gross profit. I don't believe, I don't believe that price is the only decision-making tool that a customer has if you present right. I understand price is important, but anybody who's making a decision on price only is probably not a good customer for you. They need the value, the sales rep, they need the value to company. So we,

Drewbie Wilson (13:25.66) Yep. That matters.

Randy Goldbaum (13:47.385) created a slush fund, I call it, of monies. Last year, I think it came out to be five or $6,000. And whoever had the highest GP and the highest most sales won that money. And I got to tell you, watching the phone room, because they also make money from getting good, solid, OK, and watching our salespeople not mit fraum, but clap for each other shows teamwork. And it's been a great, great, great tool for us.

Drewbie Wilson (14:04.634) Yeah.

Randy Goldbaum (14:17.145) And I also do something else very silly. We give once a week at our sales meeting every Monday, we ask three successes and three failures, and based on how well you prepare for it, we give a box of chocolate to everybody. They probably take it home to their wives, but they love it.

Drewbie Wilson (14:31.644) Hey man, nothing wrong with that. Yeah, exactly. Right. You know what though, and that's so cool that you're thinking that way because it's not just about what are you doing to help them be successful, but how does that translate everywhere all the way back into the home life? Because I mean, let's be honest, sales can be a grind. And when you're in those challenges and you're on it, it can cause issues at home. And one of the things I talk about a lot on the show is like, I'm very vulnerable. I almost lost my family.

on multiple occasions because I was too focused on the sales side of things. So I like that you're like, Hey man, let's do some things that can also translate and take back to the house, you know, box of chocolates, whatever. There was something that you mentioned though, that I want to hit on, cause I think this is going to be really valuable for the listener is you had talked about price, the objection of price and how that's not always the end all be all. And even if you're selling only on price, it can lead to an issue. I think personally,

there are three objections at all times. And that's any one of these could be on the table. Price is one of them. And usually that's just because your value hasn't exceeded the dollar amount that they see in their mind. So they can't feel very good about that. Timing, I think is another one that can be an objection that not enough people give credit to because there's been times where I've said, yes, I'm going to do this, but in 30 days and the guy pushed me too much and I just decided not to work with them because he didn't want.

Randy Goldbaum (15:42.169) Right.

Randy Goldbaum (15:55.865) We got turned off.

Drewbie Wilson (15:57.212) Yeah, exactly. And then the third one is a combination of information and decision maker, because you can have one decision maker that has too much information and they're going to have to keep like figuring out what to do with it. Or that the person you're talking to has to take that information to the decision maker so that they can decide together. Would you agree with that?

Randy Goldbaum (16:19.833) I would agree and I think if I could add one more thing to that, especially what you did, one more topic, especially what you said last. I think it's really important when you're going on a sales call that you recognize who's going to be in that room. And you know, I came from corporate sales. Initially now I'm home sales. In corporate sales, I want to know everybody's title and what they're, what they were responsible for. So I knew I was talking to the right people at the right time and always have a great relationship with the gatekeeper.

Drewbie Wilson (16:23.526) I'm here, yeah, come on.

Drewbie Wilson (16:45.946) Mm.

Randy Goldbaum (16:49.177) That's key. That's key. In home sales, we use the term one legged. You want there to be, if they're a married couple, you want them both there, especially the wife. The wife is making the decision 90 % of the time. And if she's not there, we will try to reschedule so we can have both people there. Because they're never going to tell the story the way you did. They're never going to re-explain. And it doesn't matter what you leave behind.

Drewbie Wilson (16:50.618) Yeah it is.

Drewbie Wilson (17:13.82) That's the truth.

Randy Goldbaum (17:18.329) It's never going to translate the same. So I think to your point, it is super important to know who you're presenting to.

Drewbie Wilson (17:25.916) Yeah, I love that. And you know, I'm just going to share because this is one of the things that I've done in that situation. Like, let's just say that you cannot lock both of them down. It's just impossible. What I like to go into that if I know that there's a situation like that, usually my response is, hey, I totally understand that, you know, you'd like to make decisions together as a couple. That's very important to me. My family and I, we are very much the same like my wife and I like this. We don't make decisions without chatting with each other. However,

I also know that coming into this, we had the conversation of how important it was for you both to be here. We recognized that it was just impossible for your timing. So we already know you had a conversation about what was gonna occur here today. And I believe that you were the one put in charge of making this decision because you were the one who could be here to receive all the information and make the best choice for your family. So.

Why don't we go ahead and get this locked in? Cause you've already told me, you know, this is what she's going to want to do. And then heaven forbid if in 24 hours, you know, whatever comes up, you guys just call me, we'll get this squared away, but it makes no sense for me to leave here and have to keep waiting to get you guys what you want. When you've already had the conversation, she knew I was going to be here and you've said this is exactly what she wants. So let's just get this thing locked in and move forward.

Randy Goldbaum (18:45.817) And that's called listening. You listen to that customer. They said everything right. You were listening to them 100 % and you also just said something that a topic that I bring up all the time. Most sales people do not ask for the order. They do a presentation and they thank you and they leave. You gotta ask for the order. That's the most important thing.

Drewbie Wilson (19:06.236) Bro, we could go on another 20 minute rant about people that are really great about having conversation and then never ask for the sale. You should be asking for the sale the entire time. You should be basically leading up with those questions of like, and if this sounds good, we're gonna get this done today, right? And they're like, well, yeah, I mean what? Well, yeah, okay. Cool. So like to me, those are those tie down questions. No, go ahead.

Randy Goldbaum (19:14.871) Yeah.

Randy Goldbaum (19:23.513) 100%.

And that, I didn't mean to talk over you, that happens a lot during, you know, a lot of companies these days, even a small company like us, we have a CRM. And, you know, we look for very important notes that will help our sales rep make it seamless, right? Again, you just said it, who's gonna be at the home? And then we ask things, when you're looking to get this done by, now I back them into a timeline. Have you spent saving funds for this? Are you gonna finance it?

Drewbie Wilson (19:49.252) Mmm.

Randy Goldbaum (19:54.731) Everything is teed up nicely and then we try on our own to give the sales rep a feel if it's an analytical buyer, a kind guy, so they know how to walk up to that house. And I always like leaving a tidbit. Like I know you're in Dallas, we're New York big giant fans. So if someone says they're a Dallas Cowboy fan, I'll joke around with them and say, okay, I'll make sure the rep knows when he gets there, we got to increase your price by 10%. And we'll put that in as a joke and it's an icebreaker.

Drewbie Wilson (20:05.562) Mm.

Drewbie Wilson (20:19.1) Yeah.

Randy Goldbaum (20:21.945) Right away, and Ryan, just using him as an example, one of my reps, when he knocks on the door, he'll say it right away, hey, look, whatever I tell you, we gotta add 10 % on. And it's a joke and it really lightens the sales. We're big on good phone. That's something we demand right away, that whoever answers the phone gives my clients good phone. Answers all questions, makes you feel good. It's speed dating. Build a quick relationship, get some things that they wanna talk about.

Make sure it's in the notes so when that rep walks in there, it's as if he was on the phone, he or she was on the phone with you.

Drewbie Wilson (20:57.66) God, that's so good. And that's such a valuable lesson. I hope the people who are here with us today really stop for a second and take that to heart because the more you can prepare your reps, your team, your whatever, even your client, the more you can prepare them for what's going to happen, the better are your odds of getting the deal done. I love setting expectations during that pre-qualifying process because that can easily be like,

part of what makes it easy to close the sale because people are going, well, yeah, I already know exactly how this is going to go. You've laid it all out for me very clearly. Like it's kind of a no brainer or you may go through part of that and explain to someone part of what that process is going to have to be. And they'd be like, well, I'm absolutely unwilling to do that. So you're not halfway into a deal. And then all of a sudden they're trying to back out of it, like pre-setting those expectations, pre-qualifying the business. It will save you so much time.

Randy Goldbaum (21:49.241) Right.

Drewbie Wilson (21:56.86) And time is money. And that's beautiful, man. I love that, Randy.

Randy Goldbaum (21:58.489) Time is money. And in my world, I can also price qualify. In some businesses, that's hard to do. But as you said, when we first got on the phone, you didn't even know what egress was, right? So most people don't have an idea of what the price is gonna be. So if somebody thinks it's $1 ,000 and we give them the price, that might not be worth sending a rep out there, because we're just too far apart.

Drewbie Wilson (22:11.612) I'm sorry.

Drewbie Wilson (22:24.54) Sure.

Randy Goldbaum (22:25.955) And we've had those situations. Everybody has.

Drewbie Wilson (22:30.748) Well, one of the things that I've really appreciated about getting to know you, Randy, so far is that I can tell you just genuinely want to help other people. You just want to be in a good position to play. Hey, this is what I am. This is who I do do it for. This is how we do it and why we do it this way. And I got to say, man, I'm super grateful for you taking some time to be here. I love the fact that you were the action taker who was like, yeah, he said I can come on and share some stories. Let's tell some stories, dude. Let's talk. So.

Randy Goldbaum (22:51.161) Thank you.

Randy Goldbaum (22:57.145) Well look, and I'm proud to, you know, I'm proud, yeah, I got the gear, I got the gear. There you go.

Drewbie Wilson (23:01.914) He's repping the gear.

He's an ambassador, baby. That's what I love to see. And so, Randy, I'm sure we have plenty more to chat about, you know, in our relationship over time here. I want to be respectful of your time here today. One thing I always like to ask before we close out the show, there's a lot of new sales reps coming into the game. I mean, you know, man, every day there's someone new deciding to get into sales and to take action to change their life. Let's hope that they find this podcast.

Randy Goldbaum (23:28.761) Yep.

Drewbie Wilson (23:34.14) so that they can grab some of the golden nuggets that you've already dropped. But let's give them one more. If you can give them just one thing to focus on in this new sales career in order to find success, what would you tell them?

Randy Goldbaum (23:45.945) I'm gonna tell you two things, unfortunately. All right, of course I am, right? One is networking. Get out there and network. Grow your sphere of influence. If you're a good networker and you can build your, and get people behind you, now all of a sudden your sales team is all the members of your networking group. Super important to network. I'm gonna tell you something else that I would read and watch every video and book by a gentleman named Jack Daly.

Drewbie Wilson (23:47.578) Of course you are, come on.

Drewbie Wilson (24:05.692) Mm-hmm.

Randy Goldbaum (24:15.193) He is an incredible, incredible, the most incredible sales educator, I'll call him, that I've ever met with, sat with. He is a machine and there's not a chance, Drewbie, there's not a chance that you would watch a video of his and not want to go out and sell something. He's just, he's a rock star of sales. Those would be my two biggest pieces of advice for anybody who's new to the sales world.

Drewbie Wilson (24:25.052) That's a good term for it.

Drewbie Wilson (24:45.532) Well, I appreciate it. I know that I personally had a great time today. I know the listener had a good time, got some value. Man, some of the stuff that we talked about, we haven't talked about in dozens of episodes that I've recorded so far. So it's always nice to get a fresh perspective, to meet someone who's coming into the game with just that pure heart of how can we help anyone that shows up to give us a little bit of their time and listen. And I think you've done an amazing job of that. So.

Randy Goldbaum (25:11.385) Thank you.

Drewbie Wilson (25:12.22) If you guys are in a long island area, you need some egress work now that you know what it is, cause I didn't know what it was. Give my man Randy a shout over at egress pros. Holler at him. More than anything though, Randy, if they did want to come and check you out, they want to follow you cause I know you're creating great content. What's the easiest way for them to come and find you?

Randy Goldbaum (25:31.833) So egresspros.com is our website and we're more than just a local company. We're actually selling dealerships throughout the country. We just opened up DC. We just opened up Virginia. I have people up in Buffalo looking. Egress is a feel-good product. You're increasing people's home value. You're adding healthy, fresh air to their basements, bringing in natural sunlight, increasing their home value, keeping our first responders safe and keeping...

family members safe. Every night when I close my eyes, I know I potentially saved a life. It's a great feeling.

Drewbie Wilson (26:06.524) Man, that is fricking awesome and cannot recommend enough that you guys go check out Randy and his team. He's been amazing guests here today. More than anything, as I said, if you are here listening, if you got value out of this conversation, go share it on social media, send it to some friends, someone in the sales industry that you know, an entrepreneur or someone that wants to be an entrepreneur. This is what we do to help people. This is why we are here. So make sure you share the show.

tag us on social media. And if you have a story, much like my friend, Randy, he's the action taker. Number one, you could be next. Go over to callthedamnleads.com forward slash podcast. Send us your info. Let me know what you're into. I'd love to bring you on, share your story on the show because that's what we're here to do. Help each other grow. Randy cannot say thank you enough again, man. I appreciate you.

Randy Goldbaum (26:57.241) Thank you. You got it, brother, thank you.

Drewbie Wilson (27:00.952) Absolutely. We'll see you guys on the next one. Go call those damn leads.

Connect with Randy:

Randy Goldbaum is the Vice President of Egress Pros and the President of Affordable Egress. Randy joined his lifelong friend and founder of Egress Pros Glen Dauman to expand Egress Pros from the local market into a nationally recognized brand. Prior to joining Glen, Randy spent 30+ years in the confectionery industry and was an integral part of the successful growth of the company and creating national brand awareness.


Randy has lived in Dix Hills, NY for the last 18 years with his wife Cristina of 24 years and their 3 daughters. Randy’s passions include working out, music, antiquing, and travel. Nothing is more important to Randy than family.


Growing the Egress Pros brand has become personal to Randy. “It is amazing how many people are unaware of egress and the importance of egress for the safety of their families and our first responders” says Goldbaum. “House prices continue to rise. Since Covid many more children are moving home after college and many homes have extended family members living in their basements. This is a dangerous situation for both the people in the basements and our first responders.” Says Randy. Egress Saves Lives.


One of Randy’s professional goals is to streamline the permit process so that families do not fear the town inspections and can install code compliant egress window system or basement walkout without fear of penalties. While building goodwill & brand awareness under the Egress Pros division, Affordable Egress is the dealership side of the company. Dealerships are available for business qualified applicates. Owning an Egress Pros dealership provides an opportunity to help the community while building your own business. We presently have dealership locations in VA & DC with other locations coming shortly.


Website: www.egresspros.com


Social Media Links

Facebook:  www.facebook.com/EgressProsWindows

Or www.facebook.com/randygoldbaum

Linked In: https://www.linkedin.com/company/egress-pros/

Or linkedin.com/in/randygoldbaum-8a67176




Connect with Drewbie:

With over $15 million in online sales, Drewbie's vast experience spans multiple industries. His journey from a 300-pound weight loss to becoming a sales powerhouse has shaped his perspective on life and success.

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