Episode 14 - Creating Strategy to Elevate Your Sales Game with Randy Goldbaum


Episode 14 - Creating Strategy to Elevate Your Sales Game with Randy Goldbaum


Hey hey everybody, it’s your boy Drewbie again, back with another awesome guest and sales professional.  This time, I’ve got my man Randy Goldbaum, Vice President of Egress Pros, to dive into his sales strategies to help you up your own game in sales. Randy begins by recounting a pivotal story where tenacity transformed a staunch rejection into a decades-long partnership. This chat is packed with insights on strategic planning, the finesse of pre-call preparation, and the subtle art of listening—key skills every salesperson needs to master. For those new to the sales scene, we offer practical advice on how to approach prospects effectively and the crucial role of asking pointed questions to reveal customer pain points and keep the conversation moving forward.


We also tackle the dynamics of managing a sales team, spotlighting how healthy competition can spur success without tipping into toxicity. Balancing work with family life, overcoming common sales objections, and navigating pitches when not all decision-makers are present are also on the table. As we wrap up, don't miss our exploration of the indispensable value of networking and how to leverage your sphere of influence, along with the reminder that the power to communicate your product's value starts with truly understanding it yourself.

Key Moments:

-The biggest lesson Randy learned from his crazy sales story.

-The importance of listening more than you speak.

-Practice, practice, practice!

-How healthy competition can be a real motivator on a sales team.

-Always be asking for the sale and Randy’s advice for those new to sales.


Connect with Randy:


Randy Goldbaum is the Vice President of Egress Pros and the President of Affordable Egress. Randy joined his lifelong friend and founder of Egress Pros Glen Dauman to expand Egress Pros from the local market into a nationally recognized brand. Prior to joining Glen, Randy spent 30+ years in the confectionery industry and was an integral part of the successful growth of the company and creating national brand awareness.


Randy has lived in Dix Hills, NY for the last 18 years with his wife Cristina of 24 years and their 3 daughters. Randy’s passions include working out, music, antiquing, and travel. Nothing is more important to Randy than family.


Growing the Egress Pros brand has become personal to Randy. “It is amazing how many people are unaware of egress and the importance of egress for the safety of their families and our first responders” says Goldbaum. “House prices continue to rise. Since Covid many more children are moving home after college and many homes have extended family members living in their basements. This is a dangerous situation for both the people in the basements and our first responders.” Says Randy. Egress Saves Lives.


One of Randy’s professional goals is to streamline the permit process so that families do not fear the town inspections and can install code compliant egress window system or basement walkout without fear of penalties. While building goodwill & brand awareness under the Egress Pros division, Affordable Egress is the dealership side of the company. Dealerships are available for business qualified applicates. Owning an Egress Pros dealership provides an opportunity to help the community while building your own business. We presently have dealership locations in VA & DC with other locations coming shortly.


Website: www.egresspros.com


Social Media Links

Facebook:  www.facebook.com/EgressProsWindows

Or www.facebook.com/randygoldbaum

Linked In: https://www.linkedin.com/company/egress-pros/

Or linkedin.com/in/randygoldbaum-8a67176




Connect with Drewbie:

With over $15 million in online sales, Drewbie's vast experience spans multiple industries. His journey from a 300-pound weight loss to becoming a sales powerhouse has shaped his perspective on life and success.

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