Episode 10 - Shattering Sales Stereotypes with Jacob Stahler

Episode 10 - Shattering Sales Stereotypes with Jacob Stahler

What’s up everybody, we’re back with another awesome episode, this time with my friend and serial entrepreneur, Jacob Stahler. Jacob shares quite a few compelling gems from his days in sales, in many industries, especially in Chicago, transforming the threat of canceled payment plans into opportunities to empathize with clients and close deals with finesse. This anecdote not only provides a masterclass in client engagement but also exemplifies the empowering potential of a career in sales.

Venture with us as we tackle the misconceptions clouding the sales profession and the diverse array of sales styles that flourish across various industries. From discussing scams that prey on the vulnerable to critiquing one-size-fits-all sales training, we advocate for authenticity and adaptability in crafting successful sales strategies. Stories from the trenches—from car dealerships to gym memberships—underscore the critical role of personalizing the sales approach to individual strengths, offering a refreshing perspective on ethical and effective salesmanship.

My chat with Jacob serves as a reminder of the artistry involved in a successful sales conversation and the importance of confidence in pricing. Don't miss out on these valuable lessons and more as we celebrate the joys and triumphs of the sales industry, and remember, the key to success is always to Call the Damn Leads.

Key Moments:

-Why Jacob doesn’t care about selling - or closing the deal.

-Common misconceptions in the world of sales.

-Drewbie’s biggest lesson after spending $10K on one sales training program.

-How hard sales professionals will work to NOT make money.


Connect with Jacob:

Jacob is a serial entrepreneur and seasoned sales professional with many years of experience in multiple industries.

All social platforms: @JacobStahler


Connect with Drewbie:

Your Host, Drewbie Wilson:
With over $15 million in online sales, Drewbie's vast experience spans multiple industries. His journey from a 300-pound weight loss to becoming a sales powerhouse has shaped his perspective on life and success.

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