Episode 6 - A Space for Leadership, Purpose, and Never Being Willing to Be Denied with Jeff Giagnocavo

Episode 6 - A Space for Leadership, Purpose, and Never Being Willing to Be Denied with Jeff Giagnocavo

What’s up everybody, it’s your boy Drewbie and today I get to sit down with the phenomenal Jeff Giagnocavo, an entrepreneurial force and small business champion, to unearth his wild sales adventures and his take on empathetic leadership drawn from his book, "The Space for Leadership." This conversation is a gold mine for sales professionals, as Jeff narrates how his ironclad determination secured him a major account in the highly competitive mattress industry. We dissect his distinctive approach to sales, customer service, and the invaluable lessons from his entrepreneurial odyssey. Jeff's inspiring tale is a testament to the incredible influence of perseverance in the realm of business triumphs.

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During our chat, we uncover the strategy of affirmation in sales, stressing the necessity of ensuring a product aligns with a customer's needs rather than resorting to aggressive selling tactics. The episode casts a spotlight on the power of forging personal connections and responding to the emotional needs of customers to build trust. We share insights on leadership within sales teams, focusing on the crucial placement of talent and nurturing team members to enhance sales efficacy. 

Key Moments

  • -A story of persistence and doing whatever it takes - never be willing to be denied.
  • -The importance of a “what do I have to lose?” mindset.
  • -Affirming vs. Selling.
  • -The power of vulnerability and maintaining relatability.
  • -Have confidence and know that you’ve been provided an opportunity - you are the expert here.

Connect with Jeff

Jeff Giagnocavo, a lifelong champion of small businesses, has unveiled his latest endeavor in "The Space for Leadership." From selling his first business at 16 to

embarking on a successful entrepreneurial journey, Jeff is now a sought-after consultant for business owners seeking to regain control of their lives and business destinies.

In "The Space for Leadership," Jeff explores empathetic leadership and its transformative power. He emphasizes creating space for employees to heal personal struggles, offering readers a fresh perspective on leadership's true essence.

Jeff co-owns Gardner’s Mattress & More, renowned for delivering 14 consecutive years of 5-star customer experiences. His previous book, "Sleep Better," has positively impacted countless lives, promoting well-rested mornings.

Beyond mattresses, Jeff's innovative marketing concepts have left their mark on over 500 retail businesses, earning recognition in Forbes, Target Marketing, and more.

Jeff's ultimate passion is empowering business owners to become true investors in their enterprises, leading them on the path to a fulfilling "Big Ticket Life." "The Space for Leadership" equips readers with the tools and wisdom to embrace this journey fully.

Contact Information:

Jeff Giagnocavo in action - a sampling of work and profile


Connect with Drewbie

Your Host, Drewbie Wilson:

With over $15 million in online sales, Drewbie's vast experience spans multiple industries. His journey from a 300-pound weight loss to becoming a sales powerhouse has shaped his perspective on life and success.

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