Episode 16 - Get Tuned In to the Greatest Version of You with Steve Gamlin



Hey hey, what’s up everybody, we are back with another killer episode of Call the Damn Leads and today, I’m kicking it with entrepreneur, former DJ, and my friend, Steve Gamlin. There's an art to building trust with clients, and Steve recalls a story where a dog became the reason he clinched a deal, and as we all know, we sometimes trust our dog’s instincts more than our own.

Later on, we spin towards authenticity in the world of sales and how it’s an integral part of building trust. What I love most and what you’ll come to learn is that you’ll always have the same exact conversation, no matter where you find Steve. We also touch on visualization and moving beyond the “Santa” wish list to the rhythm of personal growth. Acknowledging that success encompasses more than just financial wins—it's about who we become and the confidence we build that define our lives and businesses, and realizing that we can achieve all of that through visualization.

Key Moments:

-Steve’s crazy sales story and how a dog helped him sell himself.

-What makes Steve so successful at earning trust from people?

-Visualization - it’s not what you get, but who you become.

-What happened when Steve experienced a gain in confidence.

-The item that became Steve’s greatest sales tool.





Connect with Steve:

As The Motivational Firewood® Guy, Steve Gamlin blends back-to-basics Positivity, Visualization & Humor, teaching his clients to SEE their desired outcomes, understand their WHY, and build ACTION PLANS to achieve them.


He delivers this knowledge through his Vision Board Mastery program, 1-to-1 and Group Coaching, plus Live and Virtual events. 


Bottom line: Steve teaches the necessary MINDSET to identify what your goals LOOK like, FEEL like, SOUND like, SMELL like and even TASTE like. 


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Stuck on the 'basics' of Visualization works?  Check out my FREE 'Visualize in 5' video at http://VisionBoardSpecial.com  


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