Episode 11 - Processing the Reality of Sales with Adam Niec

Episode 11 - Processing the Reality of Sales with Adam Niec

You know you're in for a treat when Adam Niec drops by, and this time he's got stories that'll have you laughing your ass off one minute and jotting down notes the next. We’re back with a brand new episode and kicking things off with a trip down memory lane, telling tales from Adam’s early days in sales, including a quirky barter offer that left us wondering if we're in business or a sitcom. But it's not all laughs; this anecdote drops the mic on the real, raw human element that pulses through the heart of B2B sales, where every handshake could lead to an unforgettable story.

Transitioning from the pavement to the screen, Adam and I unpack the seismic shift in sales strategies, from door-knocking to direct messaging. There's a method to the social media madness, and we're here to map it out. We share the secret sauce of engaging online without losing that personal touch that seals deals. It's about striking the perfect balance between who you are and what you sell, becoming a magnet for clients who resonate with your brand. And for those skeptical about the transition, we've got firsthand tips on fostering trust and loyalty with your audience for long-term growth and referrals.

Key Moments:

-Adam’s crazy sales story with a salon owner.

-The secret sales weapons - old school door knocking and social media.

-How to leverage social media to excel in sales.

-The power of showing your authentic self when working towards getting people to like, know, and trust you.

-Sales is the easiest 6-figure job and hardest $50K a year job you’ll ever have.

Connect with Adam:

Adam Niec, the owner and creator of Rate Tracker, has a lot of experience working directly with business owners via sales in the payments industry. During his time working in this industry, he realized that most payment businesses exist as a profit center not caring about the people they work with, but more so the money they make off of them.

Although some companies are ethical and have a lot of integrity for their customer, they are few and far between.

Rate Tracker was founded to help small business owners like you take control of their money and create transparency in the credit card processing industry.


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thepaymentsdude/

Read this blog here for more information: https://callthedamnleads.com/blogs/news/card-not-present-payments-safely-accept-online-payments


Connect with Drewbie:

Your Host, Drewbie Wilson:
With over $15 million in online sales, Drewbie's vast experience spans multiple industries. His journey from a 300-pound weight loss to becoming a sales powerhouse has shaped his perspective on life and success.

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