The Wild Side of Home Services Sales with Jeff Merkel - Episode 26


What’s up everybody, I’m your host Drewbie Wilson and I’m back again, but this time teaming up with the one and only Jeff Merkel from Iconic Exteriors to recount a few wild sales encounters that are nothing short of epic. Imagine Vietnam War vets turning a quiet neighborhood into a flashback battleground, or being greeted by a homeowner in nothing but underwear and a hairless cat. It's just another day in the unpredictable world of home service sales, where the only certainty is the next crazy sales story you’ll encounter down the road.


Jeff's background in the military definitely groomed him well for what he would experience in the industry. We'll reveal how attention to detail is the blueprint for building successful partnerships and driving business growth. And let's not forget the golden rule that fuels our hustle: call the damn leads! Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, this episode is your ticket to elevating your sales game while enjoying the wild ride that is the sales industry.


Key Moments:


-Jeff’s tip of the iceberg, crazy sales stories.


-The benefits to everyone when you simply just pay attention.


-Always be thinking about ancillary sales…always.


-How Jeff educates and helps the sales community.




Connect with Jeff:


Jeff was born and raised in the Bay area of Northern california. At the age of 19 he joined the Marine Corps and was off to Southern california. Alas he did not see any kind of combat but very grateful that he got taught how to be a man from the United States Marine corps.


After he got out he did some traveling around the country and ended up back in San Diego where he met his now wife. Well in San Diego working at a job fair he was recruited by an oil field company which brought him to Texas. In 2014 the oilfield fell out and he had to figure out how to provide for his now family. Got back into the garage door game and then started his own company in 2020.


He tends to joke about quitting his job, starting a company, while his wife was going in for a C-section, during the pandemic, all in the same week. Iconic exteriors has been around since 2020 and has been flourishing ever since.


Remember, The customer you are with is your last customer until you are finished. 


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Reach Jeff by Phone: 817-374-3946


Call The Damn Leads


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